"When Princess Europa was kidnapped by Zeus in bull’s disguise, her father, Agenor, King of Tyre, sent his sons in search of his lost daughter. One of them, Cadmon, sailed to Rhodes. In Delphi he asked the Oracle about his sister’s whereabouts. On that specific point Pythia, true to her habit, was evasive -but she obliged Cadmon with practical advice: "you won’t find her. Better get yourself a cow, follow it and push it forward, don’t allow it to rest; at the spot where it falls from exhaustion, build a town".
Zygmunt Bauman

28 November 2016

French Conservative Primary (France24)

(22.11.16 and the 27.11.16, France24, English Edition) 

Replay of my interviews conducted live for the special coverage from Paris of the French conservative primary.

Live 1 (first round)

Live 2 (second round), with Bruno Cautrès


Former French prime ministers François Fillon and Alain Juppé will vie for the conservative nomination in a primary run-off after handing former president Nicolas Sarkozy a shock defeat on Sunday. *Fillon stunned his opponents by taking more that 44% of the vote, well ahead of Juppé (28%) and Sarkozy (20%). *The former president has conceded defeat and endorsed Fillon for the nomination. Organisers reported strong turnout of around four million voters. The suprising result puts Fillon, a pro-business conservative, in a commanding position ahead of next week's second round.

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